32 gb ram rdp method 40 mins

Step 1 - go to

(and sign up using temp mail)

Step 2 - after sing up check the temp mail inbox for the activation link and sign in.

Step 3- go to

And use code - "1q-analytics-67"

Step 4 - go to

And click start trial and use credits.

  1. Wait for it to start and then click go to the console.

  2. Login using the info given by the website and boom you have access to the cloud console for 40 mins.

  3. Now create an instance and use it for 40 mins note: the RDP/account will be deleted after 40 mins

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After step 2, jut go to Creating a Virtual Machine | Google Cloud Skills Boost.
From there start trail with the credentials given on the left hand side.

Note: Use only the temporary credentials given. Do not use your personal mail. For best results, open in Incognito tab.

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need credits. no page to use code