[30 March] Envato Elements Cookies for Free (100% Working)

Click here to get the cookies

Cookies Not working for me

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Updated on 12th April

thanks,this is work on moment

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Not Working for me, please update cookies.

Cookies Not Working, please update cookies


Brother Your Cookies Not Working

I think people who are selling the accounts on freeoff are the same people who logs out free cookies :face_with_monocle:


That’s so true and valid reasoning!


Ohh So u mean @Akash is logging out from free cookies Do u even know how much he has contributed ?
See this Thread Before Commenting stupid things

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But we all know accounts may work for 1 complete month, why they are logging off?

Multiple possibilities:

  • Logged out by accident
  • The website itself logged the user out and asked to log-in again
  • Perhaps on clearing browsing data (history, cache, cookies)
  • The cookie script had a shorter life

Could be anything :man_shrugging:

And ya, the last possibility:

  • Someone who feels that he’s done with his life, and that logging out is his only source of eternal joy :person_in_lotus_position:

not working plz help