25 TB Drive with Movies, Web Series, Courses, Games etc

Here, there is 25 TB of Shared Google Drive.

What is Shared Google Drive?

Shared drives are shared spaces where group of individuals will store their data and acces their files anywhere, from any device.
Unlike files in personal Drive, shared drive files belong to the team instead of individuals.

Is Google Team Drive safe?

Yes, this is Team-Based Owenership. You can join the group and access the files safely. If you want to leave the group, you can exit anytime.

Can anyone see your personal files on Google Drive?

No, nobody can see or download your files without your permission. Anyone can access your files only if you share file link with them with permission.

Join in the google group, you will be automitically added in team drive.

How to join google group?

Use Desktop, If you open in mobile click on Desktop

  • Open group link.

  • Click on join group.

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ive joined the group but i cant see the content of the shared group

  • Open Google Drive
  • Click on "Shared drives"
  • If Drive is not visible go to Hidden shared drive there you can find.