*20GB Free* Lifetime Cloud Storage - Treasure Cloud

20GB Free Lifetime Cloud Storage - Treasure Cloud

20GB Free Lifetime Cloud Storage:
Use this link to get extra 10GB Extra GB with your already free 10GB DURING sign up using this link below


If anyone else is looking to join, I would really appreciate it if you could use my link. Thanks

Here’s my referral link if anyone wants to join. It also gives you 20GB Free Lifetime Cloud Storage. thank you in advance


if I join with your link, do you get 10gb for lifetime or for a limited period?

Currently, there’s no explaination given. I think its permanent for now.

Made a python script to use my referral link and use a temp mail to create account.
Got 200gb as of now in my account.

Can you provide that script to me? I need it

yes sure, but i cant provide much assisstance. You’ll have to change few things and get it working for your system yourself.

Used the script to get 800gb in 4 accounts.