[2021] Download Latest Fraud Bible


Reddit, Youtube and Instagram are abuzz this week with the wide release of a new book called “The Fraud Bible”. The Fraud Bible originally published early this year has become a viral sensation.

The FraudBible promises would-be hackers, scammers, and novice fraudsters a way to make a quick buck from everything from carding, to gift carding to creating fake id’s and more.

The Fraud Bible is the only book a would-be fraudster needs to get started on a lucrative and crime-ridden career.

Depending on where you look, the Fraud Bible will either run you several hundred dollars or as a low as “Free”. In any case, it appears that this bible is, in fact, the hottest book on the internet.


Full Tutorial About Carding & Hacking!!!

  1. Gift Carding – – (How to card to gift card and resell them )
  2. Amazon Carding – (How to card Amazon)
  3. eBay Carding – ( How to card eBay)
  4. Easy Cardable Sites – (Sites that are easy to use fraudulent cards on)
  5. Cash Out Bank Account Codes – (Actual bank codes for cash outs)
  6. Hack Websites – (Using android specifically to target sites)
  7. CC Verified – (How to verify cards as legitimate)
  8. ID Scans & ID Templates – ( Photo ID scan and Software)
  9. Antidetect 7
  10. Bitcoin Mega Pack – (All about bitcoin )
  11. Fraud Mega Pack
  12. PayPal Hacking & Carding
  13. Paypal to BTC
  14. Full Tutorial About Hacking – (Hacker Pro Pack )
  15. All eBooks Tutorial About Carding & Hacking
  16. A lot Video Tutorial About Carding & Hacking


Link: 69.9 GB folder on MEGA

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