🔥 20 very important Lessons For Men in Their 20s

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  1. The group of people you are trying too hard to fit in with will become so irrelevant you won’t even accept a meeting with them if you work hard and surpass them all.

  2. Stop watching TV. Stop getting high. Don’t consume entertainment. Anything that gives you a dopamine hit without having to do any work is an enemy.

  3. Read as many books as you can, and learn as much as you can while you are still young. When you’re young, your brain finds it much easier to learn and hold knowledge. This is the time to build a good intellectual foundation.

  4. Get 1 bitcoin while you still can. This guarantees that you’ll be in the top 0.2625% of the population in the future. Get as much BTC as you can if not whole.

  5. Things like depression and anxiety only affect the inferior and weak. If you live a good life with healthy food, exercise and sunlight, and family – you won’t have these problems.

  6. Journalists are not your friends and they are not paid to tell you the truth. Media companies are owned by a few wealthy elites and the papers print what they want them to say. Don’t believe everything they say.

  7. You can make a lot of money online. More than you think. Eventually, all of the money will be online. It’s up to you to figure out how you can get a slice of the pie.

  8. Create positive habits in your early 20’s which can help you grow in life because bad habits like drinking, smoking, partying will not help you at all at any stage in your life.

  9. Looking cool is an illusion. 99.99% of the people you’re trying to impress don’t care about you. If you die today, who will still miss you 10 years from now? Only your mother and father.

  10. Use your 20s to work hard and set yourself up for the rest of your life. Start a business, find a good spouse and you’ll be miles ahead of most of your peers in your 30s. While they will be drowned in DEBT you will be enjoying on the beach.

  11. Take care of your body & mind. Eat a lot of protein, supplement with fish oil and vitamin D. Remember that you only have one body & 1 mind and it has to last you longer than you can imagine.

  12. Do not be afraid of separation. You were born alone and you will die alone. This is just the nature of existence. The birds all sing on the same branch in the morning and go to different ones at midday.

  13. Spend more time with your mother and father, because you’ll wish you did once they’re dead.

  14. You will get infinitely more happiness from your family than you will from your career. This is why the most important decision you’ll ever make is who you marry. Don’t rush it. It’s not a rule that you have to get married at 24-25. You can get married at 28-29.

  15. If you can’t learn from it or earn from it you should probably get rid of it.

  16. As a man, your value will keep going up with time. You will get richer, more connected, and wiser. As a woman, your value will go down with time, and start to rapidly decline after 28.

  17. Build a life worth living. Get hobbies, travel, experience more things, and learn as much as you can. The set a benchmark for your future generation.

  18. Never hesitate to spend money on books and courses. It’s very funny that people hesitate to drop $100 on an ebook written by an industry expert, but don’t think twice before spending $100 on drinks.

  19. Invest as early as you can. Build as many assets as you can. Learn about finance. If you cannot handle 1,00,000 properly you won’t be able to handle 1,00,00,000.

  20. Sacrifice 5 years of your life to live the next 40 years financially free. You don’t need to work till age of 60 to enjoy your retirement. you can do that in an early stage of your life as well.

Implement all these lessons in your life & later on you will thank me for it for sure.

Do let me know if you liked it or not.


Except point no. 4! BTC is a lost opportunity for investing. Only good for swing and position trading i.e short term trading. He is trying to sell his BTC course. If you doubt me, you can read his twitter course, where mentions how to sell the tweets.

Anyway he is worthy and trustable guy. You can follow him.

By the way, thanks for sharing!


very great thoughts my friend i really liked your ideas and i am implementing some of them right now.
Keep sharing this type of ideas it really gives true vision.
Thank you.