🎁 2 x Canva Pro Team Account (30 Days - 500 Team Members)

Hello Friends!

It’s giveaway time :blush:

Only two winners can get the Canva Pro Team Admin Account.


  1. Please comment on “why you need Canva Pro team admin account.”
  2. Like :heart: this post. No like not eligible to the giveaway

Draw date: 24 May 2023


I need this to learn canva so that I can use it to earn by creating good journals and planners

Thanks in advance



Canva is a great tool, which helps me build marketing collaterals for daily use, having a pro account would contribute to the overall quality of my projects.

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I will learn more creative design & much more idea.

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Earlier it was not costly, but now not everyone can afford it, i like designing but do not have a pro account. Anyone who is seriously looking for it, must comment on this post, Great initiative, thanks

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learn canva that’s why i need

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Canva offers a wide variety of templates, images, and design elements that will help me to create customized designs more efficiently, since I’m a image editor and graphic designer would be more helpful.

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Could be helpful to design stunning thumbnails for my youtube channel.

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would love to have it

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I need it for my team, so i can produce more content, which i can’t do alone :pensive:

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Kindly publish the winners

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@everyone, I apologize for the delayed response. I’m busy a little bit with my exam. I selected two winners on 24-May-23 and created a Canva pro team account for them. But can’t share it for my exam. Now I’m going to announce their name by mentioning them.

  1. @Aaliya_Sayyad
  2. @Deloa_Viren, but he deleted the comment😒. So that I’m selecting the 2nd winner @Dr_Vivek_Agnihotri

Thank you all, guys, who participate in this giveaway. Don’t worry about you’re not selected. I’m sharing a Canva Pro team invitation link so that you can use Canva Pro for your personal project design. And the winners, please check your inbox to access the Canva pro team account.

Canva Pro team invite link | Expire 30 Days from today