2 Best Audacity Forks (Alternatives) No Telemetry

Project ownership of Audacity changed in 2021 and one of the first planned changes to the project was the introduction of Telemetry. The plan was abandoned, but the controversy continued with the publication of a new Privacy Notice.

Audacity is an open source project, and developers started to fork the application as soon as the announcement hit the Internet that the project team changed.

Forks match all main characteristics of Audacity, but there is no “main” fork yet that all disgruntled developers and users switched to.

1. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is a cross-platform audio editor with an impressive set of features. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and free to download and use.

Ocenaudio’s core features are:

  • Support for VST plugins (Virtual Studio Technology).
  • Real-time previews of effects to adjust effects until the desired result has been achieved.
  • Multi-selection support.
  • Support for the editing of large audio files.
  • Fully featured spectrogram.
  • Analysis options.
  • Support for effects such as silence, reverse or normalize.

2. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is only available for Microsoft Windows devices. It has a small file size and you may download a quick start guide that is also available.

Wavosaur’s main features are:

  • Support for VST plugins.
  • Support for main editing features such as cut, copy and paste.
  • Lots of processing options, e.g. conversion from stereo to mono, or changing the volume.
  • Batch processing of files.
  • Advanced features support that includes resampling, pitch shifts, vocal removals, or slence removals.
  • Support for ASIO.
  • Frequency analysis and detailed statistics.

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