1x github student developer pack

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What is GitHub Student Pack?

The GitHub Student Developer Pack is one of the best resources that will get students start out as developers.
Not only do you get free access to all of GitHub’s pro features, such as unlimited private repositories,
you’ll also get access to over 100 different developer tools and courses to keep you busy.

What can I have with it? :heart_eyes: ?

  • 3 free domains for one year
  • Free canva account
  • Free heroku VPS for 2 years
  • Free DEV learning
  • More than 100 other free tools

Mention the reason why you need it.


Hey can I please get it. Need it so I can access learning resource to improve skills, as I’m looking for IT job

I’m Computer Engineer. I need to access learning resources and Improve my skills. Can you provide it please

I’m cs grad. I want to learn cs n algo deeply… create some projects using GitHub offers and get placed and give back to this community.

I have tried so many times for this developer pack. I even made my website but was not able to publish it for lack of money.It’ll be so much help if I get one, and I will also give back to developer community

Hello, I am looking for building up some portfolio projects and deploy them on online infra and be job ready. This pack will be really helpful for me to get hands on experience and has multiple online course access as well which will help me in learning as well.
Please if you could give it to me!!


@ MonkeyD.Luffy - Instead of falling prey of sweet-cheesy words like politicians; ask people to do something/ challenge them. This should be given to the most meritorious one but not to the cheesy one.

I want to learn more and share my knowledge with the world. my learning will never end. I have 16 years of experience in front-end web development and I am still learning. I really need it.

i have a great thirst for learning new technologies. Pleass provide. Thanks

I want to learn more about new technologies but 1st I need to reprepare for a job learn from starting make some good projects .My mother got sick because of covid ( This is not an excuse ) but finally my mother got discharge from hospital because of I was not in touch from my study almost 2nd half month . Now I need a job to return money to those person who helped on that situation.

sir, i’m currently research on different SDR project, will really need this account, thanks.

Searching for JOB in this domain …this is beneficial for creating projects please send details at [email protected]

I’m in a great need for it so that i can learn and use different software for gaining income
as a freelancer
thanks in advance

Just giveit i am needy that all

Hi, im studient but my faculty do not have education adresse mail

As aa midlle class boy getting hands on these courses is vey heartwarming for us . It’s a push thata we want

Hi, I am a student of software engineer but my university has troubles for edu email
please share a github student developer pack

Well I have applied 3 times but they dont accept me cos I live in Germany. I am a student in 10th grade

I’m Computer Engineer. I need to access learning resources and Improve my skills. Can you provide it please plz

Wanna get one because I don’t want to spend $10 for it. Anyway, it’s more than $10.000 value!