14 TB Backup -6 (Mega Link)

Link: 13.47 TB folder on MEGA

Key : SzPOOVRKEmujVSsA0Te2iQ


link expires please do something

This is expired again, we have a snitch amongst us

From next time you see the link, do one thing, import it to your MEGA account using MEGA APP. It might feel illogical that we have only 20-30 gigs of storage and the folder is much more large but that will work. Make sure that you import correctly and leave the app open for a few minutes, then, open your MEGA account through chrome and check whether the folder is imported or not. If not, then do the same again. I did it two times and it worked for me. I have also attached the proof.

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Hi, how did you import to your MEGA account using MEGA APP? I open this site with browser, on desktop/PC or mobile browser. Thanks.

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Download MEGA from playstore or appstore in your smartphone, then, open the folder either in mobile browser or in that app both will work. But make sure that at the time of import you will have to open it in mega app like when you open the folder using mobile browser you get promoted whether you want to open it in browser or in app. Choose the app one. Make sure that the app is open in background before choosing if you go to the link using browser.
If you want to directly open that in app then click on three dots of the upper right corner, there you will get an option to open a link, just paste the link there.

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Ok, I’ll try this method and I will let you know the results :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: thanks

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link expired. is there any other substitute.