13TB Mega Link (Backup)

13 TB Mega Link : 13.47 TB folder on MEGA
Decryption key : 3g3rozMSLwYgAkXnVGPtow

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Wow @Anjali_Srivastava How many backups

Really appreciated for your work :heart::+1:


Thanks again Angel…! :pray: :pray:

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How do you backup something this large can you help me. The courses here are important to me

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Try from mobile app import it on ur mega account and it do it every 30-45 days else the mega account would be blocked and your data would be lost.

I should import it in my Mega account but I have 20gb storage in my Mega account

Plenty solutions available on the forum. Use the Search to find what you need

Try on mobile app , it works.

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Great. Hope you’ll share one of them when this link goes down

Anjali_Srivastava links are dead. Please make them active

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Hey can you reupload? Will help me alot @Anjali_Srivastava

please share link again its not working

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Link no longer working

Hey bud.now is your moment to shine… Would you be so kind as to share a backup?