13 TB Backed up courses and on how to importing all of them at once

Share it again… The link you shared is not responding.

I guees at this point of time.there is no going back

link not working bro

Bro can u have coding ninjas python course for data science please anyone has so give i need it urgently it is good if anyone can​:pray::pray:

could you please share this link “download-500-top-paid-courses-for-free-most-requested”

please, I need it urgent

do you have the latest script?

How to do backup this file is so big plz tell

does any one have course on ASIC verification engineering provided by chip edge

Bhai please send me the 13 tb drive link I need it please

Please Share the link if anyine has backed up It had many useful courses I was not able to import that time

Is there a mobile version of this Unlimited Mega?

plz share it with me - I wil upload it on torrent - from there it won’t get removed


need coding blocks, coding ninjas and geeks for geeks courses, please email the link
[email protected]

please share updated link

bro can u plz this 13tb link again its not working or anyone have backup of it plz share

please share updated link

Bro pls share once more

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Bro you have this 13tb, pls share once more, create two back up share one … we will also make a backup . In case we get lost this we could help each other.

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Here - 13.06 TB folder on MEGA