10X Income Formula - Justin Atlan

Just imagine how much easier it’ll be to build your business knowing that you’ve got someone who’s made tens of millions of dollars mentoring you every step of the way, answering all your questions, and revealing secrets that can only be learned by spending years in the trenches.

Module 1:
How Affiliate Marketing Works
The nuts & bolts of how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business.
Module 2:
The Offer
Learn how to spot and create compelling offers that make people want to buy.
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Module 3:
The Funnel
Unlock the power of webinar funnels and the critical pieces to maximizing your commissions.
Module 4:
The Webinar
Discover the simple 5-step webinar formula and the secrets behind million-dollar webinars.

Module 5:
The Email List
Everything you need to know in order to build, monetize and maximize your own email list.
Module 6:
The simple math behind profitable ads and how to get started with both free and paid traffic.
Module 7:
Scaling Up
How to keep the ball rolling once you get started and potentially turn $500 a day into $5,000.