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SQLite For Beginners Learn SQL from Scratch

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About this Course

SQLite can easily be summed up in three simple words - small, fast and reliable. Databases play an important role in programming and development, allowing users to store and recall data as they see fit. While other databases work along with separate server processes, SQLite simplifies the process of integrating seamlessly into the program by working as a serverless database.

SQLite is a popular embedded database software for embedded systems and was created by D. Richard Hipp in 2000 for aboard guided missile destroyers. This database was designed to allow the program to be operated without installing a database management system or requiring a database administrator.

SQL is currently the most used database and has become a popular embedded database software for web browsers, operating systems as well as mobile phones. It comes with multiple amazing features such as:

Zero-Configuration - SQLite does not need to be installed and does not need any setup. It simply works.

Serverless - It does not require any dedicated server to run and it runs directly from the database files on the disk.

Lets look at what you will learn in this course:

  • A detailed introduction into SQLite and how to install it
  • Important commands that are required to work with databases.
  • Different Constraints, Joins and Subqueries with detailed examples
  • How to work with SQLite functions while generating reports
  • Other supporting functions that can be used manipulate data and tables

ENROLL FAST!! :heart:

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