100 Mental Models - How to Think Better

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Thank you so much, must download !

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Hi @Sibijay
Thank you very much for sharing

Nice course, thank you :+1:

I have 1.5gb daily data, can anyone guide how do I download 1.1gb of file easily? Is there any other way to download in parts or something like that.

Depends on the uploader. I tend to upload in 2GB increments because cutting it smaller would mean more clicks. Bigger files e.g. 10GB and above are only uploaded to the Library. (Where you can download/view individual files).

Find and Join a Mirror Group, which will let you upload to Google drive at no cost (No Bandwidth cost). Mirror groups support uploading after extracting. So unzip and mirror. Then you can download or stream Individual videos.

thank you for share.

can you please upload it once again

Why? The links above work just fine.

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yes its working except first one.Thank You