10 Projects to Practice with During the Pandemic

  1. How to Create Coronavirus Stimulus Payment Calculator in HTML5 and Django
  2. How to Create Covid-19 Medical Research Funding System Using Solidity
  3. How to Teach a Neural Network to Read Handwriting with PyTorch and Keras.
  4. How to Create a Pizza Ordering Phone Customer Service With NEXMO
  5. How to Create Simple e-commerce Web App in React + Redux
  6. Build a Video Call & Voice Chat App in WEBRTC Using Node.Js
  7. How to Create ToDo App in React.Js
  8. How to Create a Interactive Procedural Mesh Terrain in UE4
  9. How to Create a Youtube Clone in Python and Django
  10. Python Data Analytics and Visualization

Learn Some Skills :slight_smile:

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